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Training with Michele

Every pet has a different personality and different needs.  You household will have different needs when training your beloved dog(s).  Michele has decades of experience in training every type of dog.  Of all of Michele’s pets, Rocky was the one who needed the most training and the most “tough love”.  He was a challenging fur friend and his special needs helped Michele become an even better dog trainer.

Michele studied dog behavior at Purdue University in 2000 and became certified as a dog behavior consultant.  Along with private training, Michele has offered her training sessions at Petco, Awesome Paws, Hamilton Crossing Veterinary and group sessions at OptiPark.  At this time, Michele is offering house calls.  She will train You how to train your dog with special attention to leash training, dog aggression (if necessary) and recalls.  In addition, you will learn to keep your animal from jumping on guests, potty training skills, dog-attude issues and so much more.    

I can come to your home or decided location as many times as needed. Whether you want to work on multiple problems or just need the basic training, What’s most important to me is that you keep your dog for life and enjoy your time together.

Michele Baker


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